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What does a document controller do?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

A document controller is responsible for the timely, accurate and efficient preparation and management of documents. They control the numbering, sorting, filing, storing and retrieval of both electronic and hard copy documents produced by technical teams, projects or departments.

A document controller’s job description includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Set up, copy, scan and store documents

  • Create templates

  • Manage requests for documentation

  • File documents in physical and digital records and ensure appropriate storage

  • Review and maintain the accuracy of the records, editing where necessary to ensure they are up to date

  • To liaise with and distribute project related information with all levels of the project team and potentially external parties

  • Manage the processes around documentation within the organisation

  • Maintain confidentiality around sensitive documentation

  • Prepare ad-hoc reports on projects when required

Aside from the above tasks, as a document controller, you may be expected to train employees. The training will focus on the correct way to create and fill out company documents.

EJM can provide remote document control support and information management system setup services, to ensure your document controller is up to speed with his/her role.

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